Kasparov against the World

In 1999, I was involved in the Computer Chess Team for the Kasparov versus the World chess game. Afterwards, I wrote a post-game summary for Slashdot. I bought the book of the game "Kasparov Against The World" published in 2000. On page 7, it says "I [Kasparov] have produced a CD of the game that can be obtained from the KasparovChess Online website. It contains variations in ChessBase format with a brief overview, highlighting the critical moments of the game."

I still like to analyse the game with the latest versions of Stockfish when they come out, with whatever EC2 hardware I can get hold of. Stockfish is usually the CCRL 40/40 champion so I just use the latest dev version of it.

There are lots of mistakes in the other webpages about the game, whether it's Ken Regan's site, archived versions of Irina Krush's analysis, or the Wikipedia page. The page about the page has some good analysis, but it's not systematic.

My Kasparov versus the World chess game computer analysis.

Kasparov versus Deep Blue

I remember watching Kasparov versus Deep Blue 1997. The archived games, commentary and logs have disappeared from the IBM website, but I archived a copy here. The commentary seems to have been somewhat truncated.

Checkmate positions

While calculating perft(10) in 2002 and 2003, I created a list of all unique checkmate positions at plies 4 to 8.

My games

I played chess at high school and tournament chess in Brisbane sometimes. My greatest successes were winning the Brisbane Chess Club lightning championship once, and an International House Soiree lightning championship one year. However I did play some enjoyable games which I like to look at now and again.
2002 Tin Cup games
2007 Brisbane Chess Club games